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Hey everybody kurt here from in this video i’m going to talk about the best seo tool the best seo software that you can use for your website for your blog um. Now i’ve been using seo tools for quite a while. I’Ve had different businesses, so i’ve learned a lot about how to do seo, but i do know that you do need an seo tool because seo first of all, is changing all the time with the new google updates, new algorithm changes and so on. So it’s really hard to keep up with all of that and then, even if you keep up with all of that, you do need to have a tool that does all the work for you.

Otherwise, you’ll be spending a whole day a whole week on just one page, so using an seo. Software is really really important. Now i’ve been going through many different seo, softwares and two things that really um that i didn’t like about. A lot of softwares is, first of all the cost price and we were talking about a hundred dollars or more per month for for most of the the seo tools. Uh seo tools, seo software’s out there, so that is quite a bit of money and also um.

Okay, the money is one one part of it, but also how to use it it. It can be very complicated and you know what you want to do. Is you want to run your business? You want to focus on your business and you don’t want to spend the whole day trying to figure out how software works um. I do find a lot of software’s to be very complicated with so many features and so on, and you want to have a software.

That’S effective, that’s going to help you to get rankings and that’s easy to use and simple as well. So i’ve been using a software now for a while that i can really really highly recommend it’s um. It’S a software! That’S coming up very, very strong! It’S got a very good price point uh.

It starts at 57 per month, which i think is very reasonable for all the things that it does um. So let me show i’m to give you a full demonstration of of how this software works and then you can decide for yourself if this is something uh worthwhile for you or not. Now the software is called um as server seo i’ll leave a link below you. Can get a get a trial? I think it’s just one dollar you pay for the trial and then you can just cancel if you don’t want it or continue with it as you want now, i’ve been using it for a while and i’m very very excited about it, because that’s a very good Features it’s not over complicated, but it has a really really excellent system that it uses now.

Basically, i’m just going to get give you a run-through of the software, the different features and so on, and i’m going to give you my opinion about the software, the good. The bad you know everything um, so here we are inside the software of uh server seo um this uh, i’m just gon na show you here on top there’s different um features here, um the content editor is where we are right now, i’m gon na show you All these different tabs as well um and then i’ll, explain more in detail now. First of all, the content editor is basically where once you’re, when you’re writing an article. It’S going to give you recommendations. As you write, it’s a very powerful system.

Uh you just as you write even before you publish it’s going to give you very, very good recommendations. Now you have to realize this is an on-page seo tool. This is where you’re gon na make sure that you’re on page all your on-page factors are good. That they’re good for for for getting rankings on google now you might think. Well, you know it’s on page seo.

Is that really still important? Well, it is very, very important, actually sure you need to have some links and then some uh social signals and so on. You do need that as well, but it all starts with your on-page seo and i see a lot of people who are not focusing on on-page seo at all and it’s really hurting their rankings. So this is the the content editor where you, as you write your article. It’S going to give you a score basically, and it’s going to give you a lot of recommendations, um of what you need to change to the article to to get good rankings um.

Now you can uh there’s some settings that you can do as well. You can change the settings, for example, if you say well, i want to compare myself to these um these other websites, so these are the the rankings at the moment. So if you say well, i want to have this one as well, then you click this one as well. You can compare to the top 10, for example, you can compare to certain websites. You know you can do it as you want.

You can set up a few different settings. How many words you want to aim for how many images, and so on. Also, it’s going to give you a lot of recommendations, about which keywords you need to include in your in your text and also how many uh, but you can exclude if you say well, this is not important for me, then you just exclude it and so on So these are all the um, the the settings that you can do yourself, so you can play with that um. But then it’s gon na give you your recommendations as as you go now, these are the most important ones here. First of all, it’s going to give you a score from 0 to 100.

Of course the whole point is to get as high as possible. Does it need to be in 1999? 100? I don’t think it does need it. You don’t have you don’t need to over optimize your page, but it should definitely go into the green, so i’m still editing this one.

So i’m getting close to the green one. I have to make some changes to it. Now, let’s see what it recommends for me. Now, first of all it uh, it recommends the words i’m going to talk a little bit more about this in the audits section about this, this these recommendations. But let me just uh briefly explain this now here it’s saying what is the average number of words of the top rankings in google and it’s going to give me an estimate of how many words my article should be so you can see.

Ideally, my article should be 2 309 um, so um i am within the range. So that’s good um also how many headings i should have. You know h2 h3h3 headings um. How many paragraphs i should have, and also how many images now i have to put some more images on here so um. So these are the top recommendations.

Then it’s going to give you a lot of the different um keywords that you need to include, and it’s going to include it. It’S going to tell you how many um other other websites have and how many you should include in there and you can see here. I still have some work to do now. This is the tool to help you with when you’re writing the article. Now, once your article is published, you want to check it or an old article, then you’re going to go to the audit.

So let me show you the audit. Now the audio audit is uh similar in what it does, but it’s just it’s it’s. I find it a lot handier. To be honest, i do use this one as well. Whilst i’m writing the article and then i definitely use the audit, which i think is very powerful, that is the key part of this software.

Now these this here is going to be a list of recommendations. So imagine you have a an seo professional who you’re going to you know who’s going to charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and he’s got he or she’s going to give you a list of recommendations that you need to put on your on your website And now this does it for you basically, and it’s really very practical now this is another article. I wrote on my website here: uh. What is high ticket affiliate marketing um? Now you basically just put the url and it’s going to do the whole audit for you, and the great thing also is: when you make some changes, you can refresh um and then it’s going to check it again now, first of all, content score.

Now the content score. Is this score here, right, um, it’s between one and a hundred, so i’m in the green. I have uh cons, content score 84, which is very good, so i don’t have to do anything to it. It’S green right now, the really powerful and really visual part of this software is this here, and this is how the software works. Now they, of course, they know a lot about seo.

They give a lot of recommendations, but they do it very practically. Basically, they’re looking at the top ranking uh ranking web, the the websites that rank on the top of google and it’s going to analyze what they’re doing right and then it’s going to compare it to your site. So, basically, you need to beat those those websites right. So, based upon those analysis of the other websites, together with the google factors, together with your website, it’s going to give you these recommendations so, for example, um they’re doing a credit, the content score for all of these websites. You can see here i am going i’m higher than all the other websites, so that is really good news for for my future rankings.

Now, if you’re gon na be a little bit below it’s gon na recommend you to to up your uh your content score um. It’S also gon na give you um backlinks. Now this is so to build, even though this is an on-page seo tool. It’S also gon na give you some good recommendations of backlinks. Now these are backlinks that other websites get are getting to their website.

So this is a good opportunity for you to contact those websites to get some backlinks to your website. The other one is internal links. Internal links are very important to see them, as i have to work on that um. So it’s going to give you recommendations where you can put an internal link from one of your other articles to this article, so very, very useful. Now here this is the terms to use now.

This is similar to this one here um, and so it’s going to give you a list. So all you have to do is go through um and change something’s going to ask you to remove that you’re using terms too much, because you don’t want to do keyword stuffing so something’s going to tell you to remove some keywords. So, for example, here i’m using it 41 times and i should remove between 1 and 16. So i’m definitely using this too many times and here high ticket affiliate programs, i’m using it seven times it should be between this range, because that’s what other websites are using. Um, so i should add a couple more of the of this uh search term, so you just go through the list.

I mean you, don’t have to put everything on there, but you know definitely go with the top keywords uh, because that’s really important next one is a word count now word count is something that is um, sometimes confusing, because how many words should you be using? Let me show you the visual now here it’s it’s showing you the top uh websites, uh that are ranking for your search term. So you can see the first one has wow a whopping. Ten thousand words. This one is eight thousand words um.

So this one has five thousand words: two thousand and mine has five thousand six hundred and twenty words. So so my website has 5620 words and the suggested range should be about 6 000, at least so. I need to write some more words for my article and it’s giving you very practical examples now also sometimes, when you have a huge article, it’s gon na it’s gon na recommend you to delete some words as well, which i found really um refreshing, actually uh, because It’S gon na look at that. You know what is needed for you to rank and sometimes to have too many words. It’S also not good, but definitely you need to reach the minimum word count.

So i really like it the way they do it very visually. So you can see here what you need to do. It’S also giving you recommendations of how many words should be in your attacks h2 to h6, how many words and paragraphs and so on. Also, it’s also going to give you recommendations of. If you need to uh bold some words or not.

Sometimes you do it too much, sometimes not enough. So you can see here um. I should have more words in bold as well. Now uh here are the recommendations for exact keywords, so i have a lot of green here, so i’m doing pretty well, it’s in the titles and the body. It’S in the h1 tag.

Also it’s going to give you recommendations of the partial keywords, so the top one. I’M green, so i can do some more work on the uh in the tags and in the text as well page structure, so i’m good with the h1 element uh the h286. I need to do some more work, so you can see the details here that i need to work on this one more um. Then here it’s going to give me recommendations of my title and meta description, so you can see here i’m using uh 46 characters in the title, and so i should have a little bit more. You can see here with the other websites and you can see here.

It’S uh telling me that my meta description is too long way too long. Actually, so i need to reduce that, so i need to rewrite the uh the description of the meta description of this article and also i need to work a little bit on the page. Speed so it’s going to recommend also the page speed which is getting really important, uh for google as well. So i need to probably take a look at the images and so on. So i’m not too bad, but you can see.

Other websites are a bit better than me, so definitely something to work on, and here uh reduced load time as well. So you can see here i’m a little bit too high. I also need to work on that so very practical things. So i really like the audit um feature of surfer seo now. Also, there’s some more uh features that they have.

They have the um. This is the content planner, which is very powerful, actually uh. This is a new feature that they have, and basically this can be for your total website, where they do like an audit of your website, but it’s very good to have uh ideas for new articles, so here i put call center. For example, you can put affiliate marketing whatever your your industry is, and it’s going to give you clusters of keywords. So basically, this these clusters are going to give you ideas of articles.

Now, you might say i’m going to write a full article on this key term and i’m going to include all of these terms in that article or you might say well these this. Some of these are separate articles as well, but this is going to give you so many ideas and suggestions of articles that you can write. You can also use this for youtube. For example, it’s going to give you so many ideas next is. This is another article?

This is the serp analyzer. Now this is something you can do before. You start writing. It’S you put in a search term or after as well. You can do this before or after, and it’s going to do a snapshot of what’s happening with with those rankings.

For that keyword, so it’s going to look at all the top rankings of all the websites that are ranking on the top, and you can also compare your own website if you’re already ranking, for example. Here this is about the best blogging courses and i’m at the moment at 20. So i’m working on that as well uh to get that higher um, and you can see here that i have a content score of 68, which is in the green. But i can. I can improve on that uh more um, and it’s going to show you all the top rankings.

Uh of the website show you all details, for example the content score and so on. Um also going to give you the domain score, and it’s going to give you here, for example, this is the word count, so you can see. These are the averages you can see. On average, the the rank the websites ranking 1 to 10 have, on average, 3 600 words rank uh. The websites ranking from 11 to 20 have on average 3600.

If you want to see individual websites, you just unclick this one and then it’s going to show you the first one is 6 000 words, so you can see here. This is going to show you exactly how many words you should be. Writing that’s going to give you also all that all the other information, such as which keywords you need to include what questions are being asked, popular phrases and so on a lot of information. And, finally, it’s also giving you a keyword, research tool. So, for example, if you put affiliate marketing it’s going to give you the search volume, so that’s going to give you all the information that you need you can.

You can also put it to the clipboard. You can do more research, you can say i want this to be similar keywords, uh the same terms, uh. You can also have questions. This is very powerful stuff, because this is going to give you a lot of ideas of what kind of articles you want to do or even youtube videos. So you can see all these questions are in there.

So it’s a very powerful system, very powerful software. I’Ve been using for my website now and it’s really really helping me to get my rankings up there, because if you’re writing articles – and you don’t know what you need to do – that is very frustrating because you do all this work. But you don’t know if i’m doing it right, if i’m doing it wrong, why i’m not am i not getting the ranking so using a software is really going to help you and i do think it’s needed if you want to do well with your blog with Your website so um click below there’s a link um to a trial. I think it’s one dollar and you can give it a try, see if it’s worth it for you or not. That’S what i did myself.

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