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What Is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is an advertising automation device that supplies a simple option for drip email campaigns and produces simple types and drip projects to automatically send mails to new clients. It is an email marketing tool constructed for content creators, i.e. specialist blog writers, writers, training course makers, and also more.

It aids individuals to construct landing web pages and sell products or services over email. Think of it as a cross between Infusionsoft as well as MailChimp, other than more affordable as well as simpler to make use of.

ConvertKit is an effective email marketing software that’s produced mostly for on the internet designers such as bloggers, video makers, podcasters, consultants, specialists, and also other businesses that are developing partnerships with their audience. You can utilize it to create sign-up types, build your email listing, send out customized emails to your customers, and set up an automation that functions while you’re asleep.

How Does ConvertKit Works?

ConvertKit is a company device with all the bells and whistles that will assist you to create, handle, and keep any kind of email marketing project.ConvertKit types are developed to make it simple for you to capture email customers for your account.

You can incorporate types as a popup or simply embed them right into any page on your website or blog. You can even create different touchdown web pages for these objectives, all within Convertkit.

Types are available in three different styles: tidy, minimal, or complete.

All three have a clean and also understated look, yet regrettably, there aren’t that numerous customization alternatives in the supplied form editor, which could be as well restricting for certain organizations.

The exact same limitations apply to touchdown web pages too.

If you currently use one more software for capturing your email leads or developing touchdown web pages on your website, you probably will not require to make use of the ConvertKit forms.

Your ConvertKit account contains a database of all your customers, and they can all be fractional into various groups by utilizing tags. There are no checklists, as holds true with some of ConvertKit’s opponents and I have to state I a lot choose it such as this. It’s much more dynamic and enables you to see each subscriber as an individual that might be interested in a series of various subjects, as opposed to simply on one specific checklist in your account.

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Your subscribers can additionally be grouped or filtered by any custom area such as registration day, the form they joined your list via, any kind of tags they could have as well as a lot more. A clever thing is that you can see statistics for each as well as every subscriber, so if you want, you can actually dig in and get to understand your customer’s rate of interest and also behavior. The means ConvertKit deals with subscribers is really a significant advantage of the platform. It’s adaptable and powerful– to recognize it completely, have a look at their full guide to ConvertKit clients below.

Once more, as there are no checklists of clients, you can section them conveniently by using filters. You can utilize filters so regarding condition broadcasts to specific products, tags, series (more on this in the next segment), or the abovementioned types. Included in the email editor for programs are numerous great choices such as the A/B switch for split tests or the personalization button you can make use of to merge various tags.

Probably one of the most useful functions for online course designers is ConvertKit Sequences. These are a series of emails that you can line up and also send out to your clients at a routine you specify.

You send a series of emails informing them concerning your course, revealing to them the worth of it and also endorsements from others and so on. If they join, they can then get in another sequence– your consumer ‘onboarding sequence’ where you welcome them to your program with a collection of emails helping them obtain one of the most from your training course and also providing a method to construct also more powerful connection, get feedback and stay in touch.

It can get far more complicated than this, but essentially you can see just how these sequences of emails can end up being the building block of your email advertising system; nurturing brand-new clients into pleased consumers.

The big feature in addition to all the other building blocks is automation. They assist you to automate your interaction with all your clients, as well as there are four different means automation can start– using a type, by being marked, by upgrading any custom area, or just by buying.

Once that happens, a customer moves right into automation that you have built and also starts to move with it. Inside that automation, you can add events, actions, or problems to the actions that your customers take. Automations include an entire added layer of functionality in addition to sequences, making your system extra automatic as well as vibrant, and also producing a richer a lot more personal client experience.

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ConvertKit Pros
Really straightforward interface.
Client system based on tags.
Developing vibrant emails is very easy.
Supports tag combining.
Easy to produce as well as build automation.
Establishing guidelines for automation is very easy.
Creating all sorts of forms is very easy.
Includes a landing page home builder.
Subscriber acquisition records.
Continuous updates.
24/7 consumer support using email.
30-day money-back guarantee.

Could utilize more customization alternatives for themes.
Fundamental A/B screening choices.
No complimentary test.

ConvertKit is a very good email advertising and marketing solution that’s carved out quite a particular niche for itself in simply a few brief years. The future of email marketing hinges on automation, as well as ConvertKit, uses easy-to-use automation attributes to assist you to nurture your email leads as well as generate sales.

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My ConvertKit Bonuses

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More ConvertKit Review


Hey everybody Kurt here welcome to my channel in today’s video I’m going to show you how to create a landing page in ConvertKit you’re going to see it’s really really easy and it’s actually very powerful. Now let me show you right away, I’m here on my computer. Now, if you don’t have it yet I’ll leave a link below you can either sign up with a free plan or you can sign up with a free trial so either one of these choices. That is. That is right for you just to start with that.

But it’s really important, you start to use the software, so you can see if this is the software. That is right for you or not. I mean that’s how I got started with it. I started with a free trial. I loved it so much and I’m still with them now really easy how to use how to create a landing page.

Now, what you’re going to do is you’re going to go here to landing pages and forms, then you’re going to have two choices. A form is where you have your, for example, your own words WordPress block, and you want to have a form. That’S going to be inside your text or as a pop-up or whatever you want um. That is a form here, we’re going to do a landing page. Now you just click on the landing page, then you’re going to have all the different templates.

Now let me tell you a little bit about the templates first of all um, I think they’re good they’re, good templates and there’s a lot of choice of it. Now, what uh the negative about the landing page, uh templates and the landing pages, in general, and it is that they’re definitely not the most sophisticated and they’re, not the most flexible, pretty much! What you see is what you get it’s, not like: click funnels or carter, or any other landing page or sales funnel builder, where you can really design it the way you want it and have this there. That is pretty much. What you see is what you get here, so these ones, you can do change things to it.

You can add more text, more pictures, and so on in the background, so there is definitely flexibility to make changes. But it’s not a full-fledged landing page builder, where you can have a lot of customization, but it is a good template. There’S a good choice of templates that you can choose and they get the job done so um and also what is powerful with this is once I’m gonna show you how to create them, but once you create them, you can either have them um hosted On your, if you have a website, you can uh there’s a code. There’s a plugin, a WordPress plugin that you can use in a code. Then you can have these landing pages posted on your website.

But it’s not going to look like a blog or, like your website, they’re going to look exactly the way they look here. So just like that they’re gonna appear on your website, so it’s pretty uh powerful, actually, or if you don’t have a website. You can just have it hosted on ConvertKit, so you don’t need hosting. You don’t need a website. Your landing pages are just gonna be hosted on your subdomain in ConvertKit.

So it’s really really easy to do. Then. Now let me show you the template, so there are different templates, so it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve, but that has templates with a video in it and there are really different templates that you can use and they’re really good. Looking they’re really professional, looking templates and there are some really really good ones out there, so you just choose one that you like, for example, I’m just going to choose this one. You can preview, all of them.

Take a look at them. You can even filter them by category we’re just going to choose this one. I do like this one, it’s simple, but it’s powerful. Now what you can do is you can change the background. So if you want to have another background, you can change that you can change the transparency of the background.

So if you want to have it a bit darker or a bit lighter darker is better because people can see what’s the text and so on. So but you can change this around, you can change. Of course, you can change the text here. You just type what you want, then you can also change the color if you want to have a different color nowhere you can change the text that you want to have on here, and also you can start to add. You can add a file.

You can add a number list: unordered list block code. So if you want to have a testimonial, for example, you can have images here. A gallery links, icons, buttons. I mean there’s a lot of choices: videos Instagram feed, so you can see there’s a lot of choices you can have so it’s not as sophisticated as other landing page builders such as click funnels character and so on, but definitely it’s good enough for a really good. Looking landing page, so that’s pretty much it then you’re, just gonna save and publish and then you’re going to either have a code that you’re going to have it on your website.

So you’ve got the landing page, is gonna be hosted on your website or it’s just going to have the subdomain and it’s gonna be hosted on ConvertKit, and you can start to use it straight away. Then all you have to do is then, connect to connect this landing page to with the automation you’re just going to connect it to your email sequence. So you’re going to have a sequence of emails that you’re going to send people once they sign up and you can even set up an automation where people are going to go from one sequence to the next sequence. So a lot of different things that you can do. But creating a landing page it is very easy and very simple and they can even be hosted totally on ConvertKit.


Hello and welcome to this ConvertKit review, I’m going to do a full review of ConvertKit, both the good and the bad. So you can decide for yourself if this would be a good email, marketing software for you or not. Also, I have some very good news about a free plan and I have some really really exceptional bonuses available for you if you decide to sign up with the free plan or the free trial, whatever you decide to do.

Convertkit now I love it. I have to say I really really like this software because I’ve been using a different email, marketing software and some tend to be so complicated and we all want to focus on what we need to focus on, and that is promoting our products. Our services, our affiliate products, and that are what we need to spend most of our time doing, and if we have software that we really need to study and learn and get used to which some of them really really are that it’s going to take away a lot of our valuable time and when I started learning it, I started actually using it the same day. It is that easy to use it really really is they have some really good training videos as well, so you really can get started within a couple of hours. It’S just a little bit of getting used to and I’ll give you a demo as well of what you need to do to get started.

It’s very, very straightforward. Now two things before I forget one is that something which is brand new to ConvertKit is that they finally have a free plan. They already had a free trial, which you can have for two weeks, but now they actually have a free plan that is brand-new from it, and that was actually what I was going to start with. As a negative about is the price it can be a bit expensive to start off with.

It’S definitely worth it because it is such a good software, but to start off it starts off with. Let me just show you: it starts off with 30, almost $ 30 or $ 29 per month, which is you know the good sum of money, if, especially when you’re starting off, but as you can see now, they have a free account. I’m gonna leave the links below with all the details, because I also have some very special bonuses available for you as well, which I will talk about more at the end of this video now, so the negative one is really removed. I think so. I think there’s no there’s no reason not to use it because it is such a good piece of software and you can get started with a free plan.

Now let me show you how it really works. Let me go into it right here now, there’s a lot of different features that you can use, of course, but there are actually three main steps that you need to follow and you have pretty much everything that you need, and these are the further three steps. The one is the landing pages or forms, then you have the sequences and then they have the automation. Actually, automation, I think, should be here at the end, but they put it there now. What do we start off with?

Do we start with the landing pages or forms? Now, to do email marketing, you need to capture the email from your prospects from your potential customers. There are two ways to do that: you can either create just a form that you will embed on your web page. The to create a form is very easy, very straightforward. You just create a form choose.

You want an inline pop-up in the middle slide-in or a sticky bar, very easy and straightforward how to create that the thing the more powerful one is to actually create a full landing page now. A landing page is a full-page that is intended to capture the email from your prospects, and you have some really nice templates here you can see and you can just choose a template. For example, if we let’s preview this one, we see excellent pages. You can put your own images, your own details and then what I think is really really powerful. You can either with a plug-in.

You can have these pages on your own domain name, it’s very easy. You just use the solid plug-in and then install the code on your website very easy to do, and then you have this page. That looks exactly like this on your own website and another way that you can do is because you can set up your own domain or subdomain with it, or you can create a special subdomain, and then you can have everything hosted and I Do different ways some of my landing pages – I have have have it on a WordPress site. Sometimes I will use my own funnel bill builder to do that, and sometimes I will just host it on it. You can really do everything.

That’S all really! You need it really really so easy and straightforward. Now, once you’ve created your landing page or your form to capture the email addresses, then you will go to this tab here, which is the sequence. So let’s just do a test. A sequence is a series of emails that you will be sending out to your prospects, so you can add as many emails that you want and then it really is very easy to go from one to the other and then, for example, this one.

You would start off with just from the immediately so just to zero. So this is like a welcome email. You just write a very nice welcome email. You can preview it in the browser. You can send it as a test email to yourself.

Then, for example, this one you would do after one day this one would be after two days and so on and so on. So you have a whole series of emails, maybe you’re promoting a certain service or product. Let’S say you do 10. 10. 15.

Emails. You do them one by one and also you can you can actually drag and drop. It really is very easy to use the software really really. I I love using this software, especially having used so many other software’s, which tend to make it really complicated and slow. As well now, that’s the second step now, the third step you can make it even more powerful.

The third step is the automation with which I think should be here, but anyway, the automation is when you set up a full automation. For example, let’s take a look: let’s use this one, for example: now you have let’s say you promote an affiliate product and you somebody signs up through your landing page or through your form, you’re going to assign the tag to that to that person to that email. So let’s say you could attack affiliate product one now, once this tag is added or that person subscribes, you can set up different ways. Then this series of emails, which is the sequence, is going to be sent out. Okay, now what you can do is once the sequence is finished, then you can say well once the secret sequence is finished, we’re going to send a sequence to for, for example, affiliate product number.

Two, you see what I mean it’s very, very powerful. You can then set up a full automation when somebody signs up to one list, then they go through the list and then for certain according to certain parameters that you decide yourself, they go on and maybe you promote a second product or or your tell them more About a different service that you have and that way you can build a full automation in ConvertKit that can last for days weeks months, even years really really easy to do, and and and all of this can be done well from within it. So I think it’s a really exceptional piece of software and the negative was really the entry fee before, because the entry fee was $ 29 per month after the 14-day free trial, which you can still do the free trial. But now they recently introduced the free account. So you can get to know this software and actually start using it and start collecting email leads and of course, once you grow, then you can afford to go on to the first plan and start paying for the software of course, and then once you upgrade, you Can actually also, if you want you, can pay annually, then it goes down by five dollars.

So that’s a good saving, of course, but you can get started with a free account. i’m gonna leave all the details down below to get started with a free trial or free account, as you want, and if you do decide to sign up with my affiliate link, which is below in the description, then you will be getting these four. Very special bonuses – and these are things that are very valuable, because I use them myself all the time, especially the first bonus, which is the cutting-edge free, Google traffic course now. There are free lessons that will teach you how to get high rankings on both YouTube and Google to get unlimited income through targeted free traffic, and these are the techniques that I use all the time I mean.

That’S part, that’s probably why you found my this video, because I get higher up on Google, because I use these techniques myself. Second of all, the second bonus is how to become successful online training, which is from my 15 years of experience of running online businesses. So the different building blocks that you really need in order to be successful on a line and then, of course, very compatible with the ConvertKit plan. Either the free plan, the free trial or the paying account I’m giving away to email, email marketing courses that you really need, because you need to learn the skill of how to do email marketing properly so you’ll have these two courses as well. So all of these four bonuses are available for you.


I will show you exactly what an email sequence is in ConvertKit and how to create it coming up right now: okay, let’s get started right away now. First of all, why use it? Well, I love it because it is a quality software that is very user friendly, and that is very important for me because we are all busy. So when we want to do business online, we want to focus our time on promoting our products and services affiliate products.

Whatever we do and not really learn a software system, that’s complicated, and that takes a long time to get to know and with ot. I actually learned how to use the software and use it within one day. It is that easy and user-friendly. Now, if you are interested to get it, I have some very special bonuses. If you decide to sign up through me, all the details are in the description below now.

This is a sequence. Now, first of all, what is a sequence? A sequence is a series of emails that you are going to send to a particular list, so you can build a landing page or a landing form. That is maybe on your website. You can also have landing pages that are hosted.

Have some other videos on my channel. You can check that out as well. So once you have a list, you want to send a series of emails to them, which is called a sequence. You can send as many emails as you want now. I definitely need to start off.

First of all, you put this 1 to 0 because then it’s going to send it immediately. So when somebody signs up to your list, you want to send a welcome email. So you write a nice title and you write you, you welcome them to to your list. You say what I going, what you’re going to send them in the next few days. You just write a very nice welcome email to them.

Then you put your second email, your third email and so on, and you can, for example, this one is going to be sent one day after the welcome email. Then the next one you can say. Well, I want to send this one two days. So this is two days after the second email you see, and maybe this one you want to send four days after so the first day they’re going to get the welcome email the day after second day they’re going to get your first, the second email. Then, two days later so on the third day, they’re gonna get this email and then five days later.

No so this one the first day the first day, the second day the third day, the fifth day, and so on. You see what I mean. So you can really set it up and add as many emails as you want. So that is a sequence in it and it is really easy to set it up and to make changes to it, because you really need to work at it. When you start a new campaign, you might be coming in here and changing some things around you doing some test things to see what works.

What doesn’t work so is really really important. Now you create your sequence. It is important to first of all create a form to collect emails or to have a landing page, there are some really nice landing pages that you can use. For example, here you can see the landing pages that you can have to collect your emails, and you can just change this as you want. You can have it hosted on it or on your website, or you can just have a forum on your website as well or on your YouTube videos, and so on so make sure to create a landing page or a forum to collect your emails.

Then you create a sequence that can be as long as you want. You can send ten fifteen twenty emails. It depends what kind of campaign it is and if you want to make it more powerful what you do is here. You have automation so in the automation. Just show you a template, you can make it very powerful because you can have okay, you have your list, then.

Once somebody signs up to your list, you send them sequence number one which we just created, but you want to send them. After this sequence, you want to introduce them to maybe affiliate product number two, so you send them sequence number two and you can keep sending them different sequences that that just go one after the other. You can set it up with automation, so this makes it very very powerful, so that is how to create a sequence in ConvertKit.


You can actually get free landing pages within your ConvertKit account, which is really amazing, and they have really very powerful quality and good-looking landing pages. Now, first of all, if you’re considering ConvertKit, I think it is an excellent software because it is full of features, high quality and very very user friendly. I learned how to use it and started using it within the same day, so I can highly recommend it. If you’re thinking of getting it, then you can get my very special bonuses.

If you decide to sign up through me, all the details are in the description below now. Let’S take a look at how to get your free landing page in ConvertKit. Now you don’t even need to get a landing page software such as clickfunnels and so on. You can actually get free landing pages within your convert. Convertkit account now how you do this.

You just go to a landing page in here, click on the landing page, and you have all these really really high-quality, beautiful professional landing pages. Let’S take a look at what they look at, you can do a preview, so you have these really really good-looking landing pages and you can just easily edit them, as you want to you see here, this really really nice-looking landing pages. So, for example, if you choose this one, then you can edit it the way you want it. If you want to change the text, you just start typing. Basically, it’s as easy as that you can have more fields to this.

You can create your have upload your own image and so on so very very easy to do and a great way to save money as well, because you don’t even need a landing page software. You can do everything from within ConvertKit.


Hi everybody welcome to my video on ConvertKit landing, page templates. In a moment, you will find out the different page template landing page templates that are available in ConvertKit and they are really amazing, very professional, very good-looking and high quality. All of this is coming up right now: okay, let’s take a look now. First of all, why ConvertKit, if you’re still thinking about whether to get it or not, I’ve used different email software before and some are very complicated. It takes a long time to learn and if you do online business, you want to be focusing most of your time on promoting your products and services.

So when I started to use it, I actually learned how to how to use it and started using it. The same day is very high: quality lots of features and very user friendly. If you decide to get it, then if you get it through my link, I can offer some really really nice bonuses. All the details are in the description below now. Let’S take a look at the different landing pages: let’s go back here and show you all the landing pages that are available when you go.

This is I’m in my account in it when you go to landing pages and forms. This is this: if you choose this one, then you just create a form for on your website. This is the landing page when you select this one you’re going to have all the different landing page templates, and they have some really nice good-looking professional high quality landing pages. You can start to look at it through different categories such as an ebook. You can do a nose newsletter product profile, video you can you see, you can have em embed your own video into them a webinar.

You can do a webinar as well. So for this take a look at the ones for the e-book, for example. This is a very nice-looking. Let’s take a look, you can do a preview, so here we go now this. This is a very, very nice-looking landing page and what you can do is you can edit it and make it look exactly the way you want to so, for example, if we decide to use this one, you just choose this one, and then we can just put Whatever you want only today, for example, you say you just type in and you can put whatever you want and design it.

The way you want to you can have more fields here. You can upload your own picture here. You can even change the background. You can change anything you want on here and then how you want to share this one there are two ways you can either have a code or you can use the WordPress plug-in and have this landing page on your own website or you can have It hosted on their servers, so you can customize a special URL, and so you can you don’t even need a website. You can have everything hosted.

Have a special URL that you can use and you can even set up a Thank You page. So if somebody signs up to this landing page, you can set up a special Thank You page as well. You can do all of this from within ConvertKit.

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