I’m Done – It’s Time To Move On (BIG MARK): My Reaction & Opinion About Big Mark’s Video!

I’m Done – It’s Time To Move On (BIG MARK). I was very surprises and a bit shocked when I saw this video today! Watch my reaction to Big Mark’s video.

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This video of Big Mark was a big shock when I saw it today and after watching it I have to say that I found it to be very refreshing. Watch my full video for my reaction and opinion about this latest video by Big Mark.

This video ‘big mark i’m done’, will cause some stir in the make money online niche on YouTube because Mark is a big affiliate marketer who has lots of subscribers and views on his YouTube channel.

These are several big mark exposed videos out there, some accusing him of being a scammer claiming: is big mark a scammer, is big mark legit, is big mark a scam, and so on.

Mark is definitely not a scam or a scammer in my opinion.

Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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