Income School Project 24 Review (2021): Best Blogging Courses


Here is an honest income school project 24 review. There is a lot more inside the course and they are adding new courses all the time to the program, they also have a webinar with great content, an affiliate program for bloggers, and blogging WordPress theme plugins.

No need for link building or backlinks like Neil Patel teaches, how long that would take is a big win just write pilar posts from a hit list content mix or mill after choosing a niche. There are very few income school complaints as well which is great.

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Here is a summary of what is in the course:

The 60 step method of blogging from start to finish
Search Analysis course including keyword research
Also, about the income school how to write a blog post and income school speed up website
Picking Profitable niches and find your niche ideas
No Nonsense SEO course (not a scam)
Web traffic Snowball, hiring writers and how much to pay
Email Marketing 101
How to hire and train writers
Improving your writing speed
How to Monetize your blog
Success mindset course

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