The 19 Best Affiliate Programs (2021)

Here you will find my review of the 19 best affiliate marketing programs for 2021. So if you want to do affiliate marketing, and you want to know the best programs to go out and promote, even if you are a beginner, then this is the right article for you.

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Full transcript of the video

I’ve made it very easy for you because I have divided them into categories, so I go over category per category and watch until the end because the last six programs are actually my top programs. Many of them that I promote that. I am promoting myself. Then, let’s dive right now, the first one we start with is web hosting now web hosting is one fantastic way to start making your affiliate marketing because they usually pay a lump sum, which is usually around fifty dollars per Registration, which is actually a very good one associated income. So if you want to earn some quick money goes out and promote some web hosting.

Now i keep going to give you the best here that I recommend you go out and promote, but the best thing is for you to choose one of them, maybe one that you as the best or perhaps one you have used before. That is not well. Unless you have a web host channel or blog that it is not good to promote different products within the same category so Be sure to pick one of them and go promote them. Now, Let’s look at first Bluehost now Bluehost um, just what you do is you just go to roll all the way to the bottom um here and then you must look for affiliate here is where it is attached here.

It’S associated, so just click there. Now, these programs are completely free to sign up. You do not have to show proof of experience or pay something money. It is completely free to sign up, and then here you go so just go to this site, and you will see here that they pay some a really really good commission that you can have up to 65 pr. Registration – which is a lot of money now, why do they give so many sums up from because they know it once people participate, especially when signing up for a web host company, they usually stay with them, and I have also been with Bluehost and then some others Too – and I stay with them for years because if your web hosting is working fine, there is no need to change right, so they buy, if you pick up a customer, this is a lot valuable to them.

So that’s why they are paying the big bucks uh. So you see in most it’s about 40 to 50. Here you can have up to 65 and sometimes even more if you get more customers, so all you have to do is just sign up only if you provide your details and they give you an affiliate link. So Bluehost is a great company to sign up for now, even though all web hosting is easy to sign up for them. I’ll show you in a second like is higher-paying web hosting, like means of course, that you get more permission also, and they are a little more difficult to sign up, because it is a higher sum to get, whereas the normal shared hosting types web hosting There are only a few dollars a month.

It’S just easy to sell. In fact, it is easy to get this. This kind of commission so Bluehost, a very good company, well known, so definitely something worth promoting next also looks like Bluehost. It is also a shared web hosting with some also other features. It is called whole singer and host is becoming more and more popular Bluehost has existed in many many years and hosting is is a bit new.

It is too has been around for a while now, but they are not as well known as Bluehost, but they come up very, very strong, so definitely a good web hosting company to promote. So the same goes for Hostinger and then you go all the way to the bottom – is called the faster and then just look for a subsidiary program.

Sometimes it is good to compare different affiliate programs to see who pays best but make sure you only promote programs. Now, in this figure, with 19 affiliate programs, I only promote good competitions. I show you only um good companies like many of them, that I promote myself. So certainly not a bad promotion product, because your reputation is really really important. Uh when you do something online, so Hostings is a great company with a great affiliate program.

You can see here you can read more information, but they pay something good. Commission, you see they pay up to 60 percent uh per Sales, there are, you know, can, you can earn something good money, so just um sign up with their account and you are ready to use. Next is a company that I like a lot. There are green nerds web hosting. Now, first and foremost, they, the is a good web hosting company.

Again the same thing: roll all the way down. Here we go affiliate program and sign up with them completely free. You will get your affiliate link anywhere you can earn up to a hundred dollars. Pr uh per lead that you bring to them now. This is good money.

You start out with see here. A sale is fifty dollars per sale for sale. You see if you make more sales per month, you get more commission. Then they really appreciate you. When you refer people to them, then they give you more commission, like you, refer more people to them.

So this is an added incentive to promote this because it is not just one good web hosting company. It actually is green web hosting, like many people, is interested in for very good reasons. Now we must go over some more expensive web hosting companies, which means you can make more money. This is for people. There will have really fast-loading sites.

Here is the start plan thirty dollars, while the others, it’s just a few dollars five dollars to dollars, so you have to pay more. Now I have paid for this kind of uh web hosting, for particular certain people, certain companies. They must have very reliable, much good web hosting, so they do not mind it pays extra to it.

Just sign up now – and you can see yourself here – can earn from fifty dollars to up to five hundred dollars per Reference which is a lot of money, then, if you only refer one person and then they get a good one plan, then you make some really really good money, so they have 60-day tracking cookies, which is really good.

So if you are referring to any build a good web hosting companies such as floating trajectory that you can earn $ 150 per sales, so just sign up and um, and that’s it pretty much just sign up and get your affiliate link. So they have many different uh plans and so on so uh you have many opportunities to earn good money and even more money. So there are different plans that they select. You can also select when someone signs up for the last one of the more expensive web hosting companies, and This is a very expensive web hosting Corporation. It is very good.

So let’s look at the questions and answer them so here is everything information just go there and read through it, because you want to decide the best affiliate program for you right. These are all good companies. So, no matter what company you choose, you will do well, you will do it well, so they get um all the information how to join them. You actually, shell part with part, a sale which is an affiliate network with various other companies who is with them.

So you can promote different programs, then you will not sign them up directly. You need to sign up through share or sale. So these are the web hosting companies. So just choose one that fits your goal audience regardless audience you may have. They need just a simple shared web hosting a cheap budget web hosting, or maybe they need one more managed web hosting company such as last that I just showed you just choose one and promote it now.

The next category is the virtual VPN private networks. These are this: is the software you install on your computer, your laptop, your phone is one that is, will protect your privacy, so there is a lot of security building, so many people looking for VPN, but they are looking for the best for them. So it’s a really good product to go out and promote this for free for people traveling around and doing business or just people who want more security, their laptop on their computer on their phone. So I will give you four of the best VPN software to go out and promote.

So that’s my favorite VPN companies that need to go out and promote okay. Let’S move on to the next category, though, stay updated because the last two categories are actually most those you can get the most out of money with, in my opinion, so do not stay set to this, but this category is about site building. Now many people. Of course, promote you, web hosting is already promoting your VPNs, but also people should actually have a website, so they need to have some kind of software to create their website as well. The first we go, but I must give you three of the best to go out and promote, but the first is Wix.

So it’s pretty easy because it’s pretty easy for people to actually upgrade and go to the pain plan because there are many limitations it on the free level. But there is a free level, so you can promote the free plan and so when they first sign up which starts at about 29. 30, so you immediately get 30 of it, such a great company to promote and fantastic with this free plan. It’S a great way to get people on board and the third actually has the best affiliate program. It is a wonderful email, autoresponder, also company.

It’S called few answers so go to Getresponse. Com and just go to affiliates at the bottom of the page you come to this page now. Why is it so special? First and foremost, they have 33. So little more, but you know ca 30.

They just need one little press to say: okay, go and check out this program, because the great thing is that with clicks funnels, they build landing pages and sales funnels, you can sell products and so on and it costs 97 per month plan, so you get uh up to 40 of it money month after month year after year, and if they upgrade this, it will be up to. It goes to be 297 per Month, which is a lot money, so imagine 40 of it so really really well uh, good software, a good company good affiliate program plus clickfunnels have the added bonus that they have a lot of other products that you know, books who have programs that have courses which you Can also promote with them. You want a lot of various opportunities to promote different things with clickfunnels, not just their software, but other things on the back of it too. So it’s definitely my number one recommendation now that you have these 19 different affiliate programs and you can create one choice of this. Do not go out promote all 19 because it would not work and you you are also so busy go out and choose the best.

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