The Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs (2021)

Here you will find the best High Ticket Affiliate Programs for 2021, so you can start to make a full-time income online with high ticket affiliate marketing sales very fast.

I was looking for the best affiliate marketing course for some time, and after buying several courses, I finally found someone that is a super affiliate and is willing to teach others to become high earners with affiliate marketing as well.

The course focuses on high ticket sales and teaches how to do high ticket affiliate programs for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced students. It taught me how to promote high ticket affiliate marketing programs with all the strategies that I needed, and equally important it gives you ‘done for you’ marketing materials, landing pages, and sales funnels, so you can get started right away and start to make high ticket affiliate sales!

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Full transcript of the video 1

Hi everybody Kurt here in this video I’m going to talk about how to choose a high ticket affiliate marketing program. Now, you’re, probably doing a bit of research and you’re wondering how do I find the good high ticket affiliate programs that I can go out and promote and make some good affiliate commission right now I had the same question myself, so I did a lot of research and I joined quite a few programs myself before I found the one that I really liked and the one that I’m focusing on, that I’m studying that I’m learning from and that I’m promoting myself because I totally believe in it now.

Let me show you the process that I go through when I have to choose a high ticket affiliate program and that’s the process that I went through when I chose the one that I’m with now, I’m going to tell you four steps that I go Through and I think you should follow those four steps if you want to find a high ticket affiliate program, that you can really trust, believe in and even promote yourself now, the first step is the value upfront. Now you have a lot of people there, promoting this they’re saying go to my lane, go and check out my program. You know it’s a good program this and that but they’re not really giving you any value upfront, and I think this is the first step that you need to look at how much real value are they giving upfront?

Because everybody can talk. You know a little bit of uh, you know fluff, as we say, talk about general stuff and general tips and so on. Anybody can do this right, but if somebody’s actually providing value upfront, really useful tips and tricks and strategies that you can start to use and they’re giving this totally upfront before you even buy anything like that. That is the first, an indication that this could be something that is worthwhile, because if they have so many things to give upfront now, so if they, if they have to give, if they can give so much value upfront, then you can only imagine how much value they can give once you buy their course of course now also. What I found really important is that you um, can join a little bit of free training.

They should be giving some free lessons out, because, if their program is so good, then they should be able to give you at least a little piece or a few pieces of of of the training for free. So you can um find out if this is the right program for you, if, if this is something that you connect with because it’s only when you start training, even if it’s a few free lessons that you can figure out well, this is the right trainer. The right mentor for me – and this is the right teachings – that I need at the moment – the next thing is support. Now, this is a step that a lot of people skip over right. They see something they think it’s great and they go like and they go, I need to get this and they go and buy it right.

But then, when they join the program they need some support. Even some simple technical questions like getting into the course for example, then they realize that the support is actually not very good. So one good way to test a program, especially a high ticket affiliate program. They should be giving good support right, so just give send them a question. Send them an email.

That’s what I did with the program I joined now. I send out a question. I go like I’m not sure about this program and I asked a few genuine questions and guess what within a few hours, I got a response and I did not get a response from his virtual agent, a member of staff. I got in touch with the trainer, the mentor himself, who was answering my question, and that was a very good indication for me that this is the right program for me, so send out some questions, ask them and see how good is their response? How quickly do they get back to you uh? What is the response that they’re giving you? Is it very short – and you know really done very quickly or is it like a copy and paste general answer, or are they really answering your question and also who is answering your questions as well and number four um? This is the most important thing. I think, because if you join, if you join just as a course about learning some skill, then you know it’s. Okay, you find a good trainer.

You have good training. You learn something great fantastic, but when you join a high ticket affiliate program or you’re promoting a high ticket affiliate program, then you need to be with a mentor or trainer. Who really cares about their students? And I’m not saying that you know some people don’t care, but you know there are different levels of care right, there’s a mentor who just wants to do volume and sell as many courses as possible, and they do give some value upfront. But do they really want their students to succeed, or do they want them to do upsells and buy more stuff and so on?

And this is the key, and this is something which is uh can be difficult to figure out. But if you use your common sense, if you follow the person, if you watch some of the free stuff, the free value that they give out, if you join some of the free training if you ask some questions and support if you know, then, if you use your common sense, you can quickly get a feeling whether this person is trying to sell me something, or this person is trying to help me, and this is for me the deciding factor. How much do they really care about me? How much do they care for me to succeed now? The program that I joined is you?

Okay, it’s a high ticket to failures program. It’s a high ticket entry program. They don’t just accept anybody by the way they want the right people in the program because they want people to succeed. They don’t just want volume, they want the right quality people, so they can so so they can help you to succeed. Now, I’m going to show you the program that I’m joining um right now.

Let me show you a little bit about the program that I’m joining now. This is a top-earner transformation. I’ve been looking a long time for a good mentor. I’ve joined many courses and and and I have to say that some were bad – some were good, some are medium and but I learned a little bit from each course, but this course I really learned because he’s joining different areas that you need to know in order to be successful with affiliate marketing now the great thing is that he actually starts off with the mindset, and that is something that I didn’t have with any other program because a lot of programs start with okay.

You need to do this and that and that, and that, whereas he starts with the whole mindset, what kind of mindset you have to start, how do you start to think in the long term? How do you see yourself as somebody who wants to succeed? Somebody who can succeed so there’s a lot of mindsets, training that he really urges you to get started with, and this is what you get started within the beginning. You start with the mindset, get your mindset right, so this is a full program that will teach you every step that you need to know in order to be successful with affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing really is a step-by-step system that you need to Follow you need to know every step of the way and will teach that in this course now what he also does is he gives you a lot of done for your things, and this is so important. I’m talking about funnels, I’m talking about emails, things that you need in order to be successful because with a lot of courses they teach you.

Well, you need to do this. You need to do email, marketing, for example, but then you’re stuck right. What kind of emails do I write uh? What kind of social media posts do? I write um so many things that you still need to figure out and that’s going to take you a lot of time.

Let’s be honest: if you’re getting started, it’s going to be pretty bad right because you don’t have the right skills yet and here you’re getting a lot of done-for-you stuff. I mean really a lot of done-for-you stuff, plus he’s going to give you a weekly life coaching. Every week he goes no exception, he goes live with you and teaches you every week, plus there is ongoing support. So if you need a question, you just pop your question, and usually within a few hours within a day, you get a response from Zach himself. So you get the full support and ongoing training.

So that’s why I love this program. I watch it all the time again and again. First of all, there are new things coming also when he has some new things that he is adding to the course he doesn’t charge. You anything extra. Does this the one fee and that’s it you’re finished right um, you don’t have to pay extra things.

On top of now, if you are interested to get to know this program, now I’m going to leave a link below and that’s what I’m talking about before right you can uh. You just show you’re going to come to this page right and here you can join some free training because you need to join free training because you need to figure out whether this program is the right program for you or not. There’S only one way to find out is to do a bit of research right. You want to do some research, but the best thing is just to join a few free pieces of training and see if he is the right mentor for you. If this is the right program for you or not, if not you’re, still going to have some good value-based lessons that are definitely going to help you so go to the link below you.

Come to this link to sign up it’s a free course. You can unsubscribe anytime, you want to join this free training and start to get to know this program because maybe this might be the program for you. It definitely is for me, and also you have the right to promote it yourself because, let’s be honest, the good affiliate, high ticket affiliate programs are the ones that you need to join first in order to promote it because you need to understand the program to be able to share it with others, so that’s the reason why you actually have to join the program in order to be able to promote it.

Full transcript of the video 2

Hi, Kurt here welcome back to this video I’m going to talk about the best affiliate program for high tickets, and this is a program i like joined myself. I bought it myself. I learned from it every day because there are new things added to the course. Every time plus this is it which I promote because I really do believe in it. Let me show you, let me go in the background, and let me show you the program.

Let me tell you why I chose this one now. First of all, where this is program is called the transformation of top earners. Who is my mentor? I bought many different courses. A party some were good, some were average.

Some were bad, but I’ve been through this all thorough process of investigation, invest in learning and then you know it find out which one is the best for me and which one is best to promote, and the truth is that the best high ticket affiliate programs, you Have to join them before you can promote them, and there is a very good one reason for it and I have to say when I first started online. I thought that was unfair because I was thinking wow. Why do I have to give you participation? A lot of money in the program before I can graduate your program is correct because I am promoting its free right. I have not admitted that I did not understand in the beginning, but I understand that now because, first of all, if you are someone who can promote a high ticket partner, then programer, they’re just interested to get like as many people as possible through the door.

While if you can only promote a high ticket affiliate program, that is only based on your participation, it means they are more selective from whom can obtain a doctorate and who can participate in the program and the truth is like. Anyone can participate in the program that you are going to have a lot of the wrong people on the doorstep. People who are ordinary, don’t want to do the hard work folks who just want a quick fix and people will just join in ask for a refund, and thus they just go. Go right. What’S the use of that, so this one people they are not greedy.

They have made a lot of money, so they want to make money, but they want to make money with the right people. That’S why it’s so important and I really do understand you – have to now participate in the program to understand what the whole program is about, because only then can you start promoting the programming correctly, and this is good for both the program maker because they have the right people at the door and by the way, this transformation of top earners, just you do not enter alone. In my opinion, is the best affiliate marketing training program on the market. But you don’t just come in because you actually have an interview, a telephone interview with Zach herself, where it should be clear that you are the right person to join. Of course, you need to like the program itself, but also you must be the right person to participate.

So this is a high-quality ticket program and they want to have the right people to enter, and it’s good for you too, because first of all there is a lot. There is much less competition because if everyone is promoting the same thing program, you are going to fight against, everyone is right, and there are some programs that belong to everyone promote, and it is hard work because it has a lot from the competition. There is a second advantage for yourself because you can promote this product, as I am busy now, based on your experience, and that is for real what people want. They want to hear what you know what you think about this program.

This one is good and I’m going to tell you why I like this program. First of all, it starts with a very unique approach. It starts with the whole mindset training. You will sometimes find it in others. Courses only very minimal now starts soft about talk about long-term thinking about it, strategic thinking about self-confidence, because, let’s, let’s be honest, if you are busy, if you are want to be successful online, it’s a rocky road that you don’t understand success immediately.

It takes you a while to get ups and downs and it’s really hard to stay motivated. Sometimes, if you know when you to have a bit of a bad day or a bad week or a bad month – and these are the trainees who will not only help you in the at the beginning, but you can also do that later go back. You can watch it again and again. This is so crucial and it really really helped me so bad. This is what he is going through in the start, then he will take you through the whole step of everything you need to know in it to be successful, with partner marketing build a good business.

What really matters is that he gives you ready. You funnel emails on social media posts. There are many things that he prepares for you that you can just connect directly such as a funnel right um. You know how long it takes to get a build good, funnel a good landing page. While he just gives you a good landing page, now take a look at this landing page.

It looks fantastic. Why? Because that gave it to me, he gives it to the students. He makes it and you just change it, and you can start with use it right away doing this, for you will help you so much because, let’s face it, if you have to start building a good one, landing page email, marker, email, marketing, campaign, social media campaign, It will be a long time before preparing all this content. Well, and let’s face it, if you are not experienced, it gets medium to pretty bad while Zach already exists a lot many years, he has made all the things for you that you can adapt to yourself that you can use immediately now.

This is one continuous training program every week and I’m talking about it every week. Zach will go live at least an hour. It is about an hour sometimes an hour and a half where he will teach you every life several weeks, and I tell you that I participate and most people they join. If you can join live it will enter the course here. So you can watch it on the special Facebook group too.

You can watch it and you can watch it over and over. If you want these to appreciate workouts, he lives every time several weeks, plus the ones you have direct contact with Zach you. If you have a question just pop the question, you should ask him, and sometimes within a day within a few hours, but usually the next day he will answer so that Zach is someone who really cares about his students and he adds new things to the course Constantly and it does not charge something extra – you just join in you pay the fee, and that is he won’t. He won’t ask you for an upsell or something like that. No, he does not, which I really appreciate.

Full transcript of the video 3

In order to sell a high ticket affiliate program, there is one thing that you need for sure, but first of all, let’s talk about what exactly a high ticket affiliate program is because this is something that is talked about quite a lot. You should be selling high ticket affiliate programs, not low ticket affiliate programs because you know why would you sell these lower tickets? Well, actually you can do that because there are basically two strategies to do this now. In my opinion, a high ticket affiliate program is something that will give you at least 500 up to a thousand dollar perk for sale, commission. Those are really nice commissions to have, and I’m telling you once you start to have these commissions.

It is really fantastic because all the work that you’ve been doing finally is giving you these results, and it’s really amazing now which of these two strategies you use is going to depend on yourself, but also the industry, the niche that you are in, because in Certain niches in certain industries, in certain sectors, it is better to start with uh strategy number one and others it’s better to start with strategies number two. So the best way to figure this out is, first of all, to take a look at your competition, see what they are doing. Are they promoting high ticket affiliate programs or are they promoting low ticket affiliate programs? Now? What are these two strategies?

The first strategy is to yes go for a high ticket affiliate program as your front-end offer right. So whenever you have the chance, you’re gonna promote that high ticket affiliate program, that’s gonna give you 500 to a thousand dollars commission because that is really nice to have right and then at the back of it. You’re gonna start to sell lower ticket items right – maybe some subscriptions some software and so on. So that is strategy number one strategy number two is actually to uh switch it around you’re gonna start with a low ticket affiliate offers you’re going to. 

Now the strategy number two, where you start with a low ticket and go with the high ticket, later on, is actually good for beginners when uh, when when you don’t have a lot of authority. Yet this might be a good idea in certain issues to start off. With this now, let me tell you about the one thing that you really need in order to sell high ticket affiliate programs and that’s going to make your choice, whether choosing between the first or the second strategy, a lot easier. Now the one thing that you need in order to sell these high ticket affiliate programs is that you need to have done the program yourself. If you’re gonna sell a program, a high ticket program that people are gonna, have to pay a thousand two thousand or more dollars for the program, and you haven’t done the program yourself.

It’s going to be a tough sell because this is a big investment for people. So if you are going to tell people that this is so good – and you really should do this because of this and it is a high ticket – affiliate offer it’s going to be a hard sell. Whereas when you have done the program yourself, then you can make it a lot more personal and you can speak from the heart. You can tell them what you have learned. Why you think it’s great, what’s good about it?

What’S not good about it, and people will feel people see that you are genuine, that you really joined this program, that you know what you’re talking about, because your enthusiasm, your knowledge, your desire for them to succeed as well through this program is gonna, come across – and this is really gonna help you to sell this high ticket affiliate offer because a low ticket offer you can tell about the benefits and so on.

You know people, it’s not a big purchase right, but such a big investment people need more people to need to make sure people want to feel that this is right for them as well, and the best way to tell them is that it was right for you and That’S why they should get it as well. The best way to sell to promote a high ticket affiliate offer is by joining it yourself. First, yes, it’s going to invest in an investment for you, but first of all, it’s an investment for yourself right, because if you truly believe in the program that you’re offering right that you’re, promoting um you’re going to learn yourself right, maybe you know Already a little bit, but if it’s a really genuine good program, you’re gonna be investing in yourself, because you’re gonna learn so much about it. Second of all, you’re gonna be able to sell it a lot better, as I just talked about it’s gonna, be much much easier to convince people to go and buy it themselves.

And thirdly, the benefit of joining a program yourself is that some of the best affiliate high ticket affiliate programs do not allow people to promote people to be an affiliate unless they have joined the program themselves. So um, you have no other choice in a way right, and it is for a reason because if this is a high ticket affiliate offered the people who created the course, they want to make sure that people who promote it are people who actually know about the Course, because, if just anybody is going to promote the course – and they don’t even know what the course is about to guess, what’s going to happen, people are going to cancel all over the place because people are going to talk about this program. You know they’re going to say things that are not true things that don’t match their expectations. It’s going to say anything really about the program, whereas people who actually join the program they’re going to be truthful about the program, they’re going to certainly tell people exactly what is the program about? What are the benefits?

What are the pros? The cons of the program because they know the program, so if you are interested to sell a high ticket affiliate offer, then I think you need to take a look at actually joining one of them learning about them, and then go out and promote it. If you want to know the high ticket affiliate offer that I joined myself, that I took so much benefit in it that I really advise other people to take to join themselves as well because it’s the top program out there then go and take a look at My at the description, it’s the first link there’s some free training, so you can take a look at it for yourself now, if you like this video make sure to subscribe, hit that thumbs up. If you appreciate this video and click that notification bell, I’m gonna leave some more videos here on the screen about making money online.

Full transcript of the video 4

Hi, welcome back in this video I’m going to talk about how to promote high ticket affiliate programs. I’m going to give you a real-life example because this is a program that I bought that I learned from and that I promote myself and I’m going to tell you the different reasons why I bought it.

I learned from it pretty much every day and why I’m promoting it myself, so I’m gonna go into the program and I’m gonna talk about all these things. Now, this is the program. It’S called top earner transformation. I have to say it’s been going through different names because this course is always in development. The mentor Zach Crawford who’s, my mentor.

Now he is constantly developing the program to make it always better and better and guess what he never charges anything extra. Whilst he’s adding more things to the program – and I really really appreciate that – because it is a big investment to get started with, because it’s a high ticket affiliate program, it’s a high ticket training program how to do affiliate marketing for very, very good reasons. Now, I have to say I went through many different courses. I bought a lot of courses. Some were good.

Some were bad. Some were medium. I’ve learned something from every course, but this is the first course that I can say this is what I truly believe in because Zach is teaching every single step of the way he’s not just going with a few tips and a few tips and tricks that you Uh you’re going to implement and try to make it. No, you know what he starts with initially, he starts with the mindset he starts with how you need to start to think about how to do marketing how to be a long term thinker how to talk.

How to believe in yourself many different things that you don’t find in other courses but they’re actually so important, because a lot of people who are very successful online they’re very successful for very good reasons. And it does not start with the special tips and trend and and and hacks that they’re using it starts with the mindset that they believe in themselves. They believe they’re doing the right thing. They believe that they’re helping other people there’s a lot of things to it. That he is going through really in detail, and these are the things that you need to start with, and these are the things that I come back to again and again because, let’s be honest, when we’re trying to make it online, it’s it can Be a challenging road because we have self-doubt.

Sometimes it goes, our business goes well, then it goes down a bit and then we start to doubt ourselves. So these are the things that I go back to again and again just to develop myself as a person as an online marketer, so really important stuff that he starts with and then he’s going to take you through all the different steps that you need to go Through in order to be successful online, now, how do you promote these kinds of things, these kinds of programs? Now the truth is that the high ticket affiliate marketing programs uh, you can only join. You can only promote if you join them yourself and I have to say when I first started online. I thought that was a bit unfair.

Only people who join the course who understand the program who can promote it properly because, what’s going to happen, is these people who join the course who promote it properly are going to bring in the right people as well. They’re not just going to tell anybody just join it, it’s a good program, no they’re, going to promote it based upon experience, and that is the most important thing that you promoted. Based upon your experience.

If you’ve joined it, if you benefited from it, you can tell people why you benefited from it. That is genuine. That is a genuine way of promoting it, and that way the one who is creating the course is going to get the right people in the door who are really going to focus on the program, learn from it, and implement it because otherwise, let’s be honest, they’re Going to get a lot of people who join the program and then ask for a refund right because they’re not serious, they don’t truly understand the program and so on and what’s the point of that, you get a sale and then you have a refund right. So these are smart people and they’re, not greedy because they’ve made a lot of money right. These top people they’re not greedy, they want to make money, but they want to make money with the right people.

But at least you have some exposure to it. You can learn something: these are value-based training. These are not just any training, so you’re going to take something away from it. So, even if you don’t join it you’re going to take some value from it and you can unsubscribe anytime. You want as well so go and check out that free training and get to know this program a little bit and then maybe this is something right for you, and maybe this is something for you to promote.

But basically, you need to join a program. A good program in order to promote it because then you can promote it based upon your experience, so go and check out the free training.

Full transcript of the video 5

So you want to find a high ticket affiliate marketing program. Well in this video, I’m going to tell you how you can find the best high ticket affiliate programs, I’m also going to talk about the difference between a high ticket and low ticket affiliate programs, which one you should go for, and if you do both which one you Should start with so a lot of questions to be answered, so let’s get started right away: [, Music, ], okay. So let’s get started first of all between uh. Let’S talk about the difference between a high ticket affiliate program and a low ticket affiliate program. Now a low-ticket affiliate program is just gonna give you a couple of dollars: ten dollars twenty dollars, and so on.

A high ticket affiliate program is going to pay. You, in my opinion, are at least five hundred dollars per sale. Now they have pros and cons. Of course, when you get started with a low-ticket affiliate program, it’s gonna be easier to sell, but it’s going to be harder to make some real money right.

Whereas when you get started with a high ticket fulfilled program, you can start, you can start making 100 500 even a thousand dollars or more per sale, which is totally amazing. But, of course, the con is going to be more difficult to sell right so which one should you go for in a moment, I’m going to tell you how to find the best high ticket affiliate programs, but first of all which one should you go for? Okay, now you have, maybe you have or in the future, you might have your preferred low ticket affiliate program and your preferred high ticket affiliate program. Now, when I say prefer, this is so important because you need to figure out what you want to promote, and this is so important. This is the whole foundation, and this is the whole step-by-step system that you need to follow, uh, which I’ll have a lot of videos on my channel, go and check them out, because you do need to follow this step-by-step system nowhere.

What we’re talking about is whether you should get started with a low-ticket affiliate program and then move on to a high-ticket affiliate program or the other way around. That’S really important that you have a combination of which combination you use. It doesn’t really matter as long as you have a combination, because, let’s be honest, if you don’t have a high ticket affiliate program, you’re not going to make serious money online is as simple as that, and if you don’t have the right low ticket affiliate program. You’Re not going to have an entry into when people come into your world. Basically, so you can promote more programs to them.

So you need to have a combination. You need to have either start with a low ticket and go on to a high ticket affiliate program or the other way around where you just go for a high ticket affiliate program at the back of it, you start to promote lower ticket affiliate programs. Now, what are the pros and the consoles both well, the pros of getting started with a low-ticket affiliate program are, of course, it’s very easy to sell right? You’re promoting a program that a product or program or software whatever it is that maybe costs about a hundred dollars, something like that, and maybe you make 20 or so so it’s not a high entry for people to actually buy it. So you can start to make some commission it’s a fantastic way.

If you do it the right way, which means you’re using email marketing to get people into your world because once they start to buy the low ticket affiliate program, then you can start to offer them more programs. And you can go on to the high ticket affiliate program and that’s where you’re going to make the real money right. But that’s also. The other way is that you can just go for a high ticket affiliate program from the start and make some really good money from the start. It’S going to take a bit longer, but the amount of money you can make is going to be better and then, at the back of that, you can start to promote lower ticket affiliate programs now which one of these two honestly there is no right answer for this because you can see when you go and do your research you’ll see that some people are just going with the low ticket uh affiliate program, then they try to promote the higher ticket at the back end and some people do it the other way around It depends on your audience.

It depends on your niche, it depends on who you are promoting to, because if you are going for a certain uh kind of audience, who has the money? Who is willing to spend it’s better if you start with height with your high ticket the affiliate program, whereas if your audience is more cautious, maybe they don’t have so much spare money, they don’t have so many savings and so on. They prefer to start. You know more conservative, they start to. They prefer to start with a lower ticket affiliate program.

Then you need to go with this one. So, basically, you need to test it out. You need to test which one works for you best. You need to have your low ticket affiliate program, ready that you know uh, that you know how to promote that. You know everything about and you need to have your high ticket affiliate program ready and then you need to switch them around.

You need to test out to see which one works. Does it work better for my audience to start with this low entry and then um? They come into my world and I can promote other programs or do I start the other way around just test it and see what the results are now which low ticket affiliate program and which high ticket affiliate program should you join and how to find them? For the low-ticket affiliate programs, it’s pretty easy because they’re usually very easy to join. You need to do your research.

You need to. First of all, don’t start to go like which one is best. For me. You first need to take a look at your audience. What kind of product does your audience need right?

Maybe they need email marketing? Maybe they need a landing page. Maybe they need a certain course look at what your audience needs then go and find a low-ticket affiliate program for them. That is best for them, but then also, of course, it needs to be good for you as well, so it needs to be a combination. It’s a good product, but it’s also a good affiliate program for you as well.

Now, what about the high ticket affiliate program? That is a totally different story because truthfully um to the best high ticket affiliate programs um, you cannot get into it’s as simple as that uh you might be doing some research and you might see some really good programs and you might try to join them. You might have tried it and it’s ebola it’d be like nope. I cannot join uh because you actually need to buy the product and then you can promote it. Now.

The reason why they need they want you to go and join the program. First is because they want quality people who understand what they are selling, because if you just go and sign up with a high ticket affiliate program – and you know nothing about it – you didn’t join it at all. You probably didn’t do much research about it, you’re not going to be very good at promoting that product. You might get some people to go there and maybe even some people to buy it, but guess what a lot of these people might be asking for a refund because they’re, not the right people that you’re sending to that offer because you’re not promoting it. The right way, because you don’t even know the program, so they need to be sure that you join the program that you can promote it, the right way so they’re protecting themselves.

So it’s also good for you as an affiliate, because if a program is open to anybody, you’re going to have a lot of competition right that you’re going to have to compete with, whereas if they only uh allow certain people to join, who actually buy the course And join the course you’re going to have a lot less competition, so it’s going to be easier for you to sell and you’re going to be in a unique position to actually promote a high ticket affiliate program. That is really good. That is very special and there’s not much competition out there. So it’s a really really good situation. So the truth is you will need to join some high ticket affiliate programs.

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