The Best Recurring Affiliate Programs To Make Passive Income In 2021

Here you will find the 13 best affiliate marketing programs that provide you recurring passive income. Recurring affiliate income is wonderful because you only need to make the sale once, and then you get money commissions month after month, year after year!

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Here is the full transcript of the video

I am will divide them into categories because it’s really important not to promote too many programs because that’s what many people do and that’s not a good thing, because people who follow you, people there watching you.

They will start thinking well about why he promotes so many different programs why he does not just choose the programs. There are best and programs there.

I give you my best choices. Sometimes there are two choices. Sometimes there is just the best choice, so you find the best programs together, promote and make it recurring, affiliated marketing commission, let us dive into my computer, and let me show you, which are the programs that you should go out and promote.

Now, first of all, I want to talk about a VPN. Vpn is a virtual private network, so someone who goes online needs to have security, they must have privacy, and these are these. The software protects your computer, it protects your identity and it will give you more privacy.

So this is something that many people know they should get, but maybe then they have not come to do so anyway. So this is your job as an affiliate marketer, to go out and promote the best one out there, and there are very good VPN programs. There is actually quite one, many of them, but among the good companies out there, one of the best affiliate programs certainly is North VPN.

So just go to NordVPN affiliated and you come to this page now. What they provide is really something really great deals that you can uh like that. You can go out and promote because you get if you, if people sign up with a one-month offer right they pay month by month, you get one hundred percent. Yes, all the money will come straight for you, and then the renewal after this the first month, you get 30. So a really good commission.

Now, if people sign up for an offer in six months, you get 40 and then 30 recurring. If you sign up in a year you get 40 to the new registration and then you can get a 30 renewal, so these are really good commissions, so everyone needs a VPN. So when you go out and promote, you can Promote this program. It’S free to sign up and make a really good commission. Now.

Next, we have to go to um email, marketing, automation, software. If someone does something online, they need email, marketing, automation, software. You just need it because it’s that important to run your business to be profitable, to make sales, and so on, so you want to promote the best email autoresponder out there. Now I have to give you two choices, and these are two interesting choices and I’m telling you why now is the first Convertkit a it is an amazing software program is really easy to use. I really love this software, though it is also a well-affiliated program.

Now the angle you can go with Convertkit is that they have a free plan. You can Get started with a free plan, um and then people can get used to the free plan. It has restrictions.

I definitely recommend going out and promoting it first to get answers. It’s good company. It’s a good one product uh to promote to other people, but they really have something interesting now they do not have a free plan, but they have a 30-day free trial.

So it’s one good way to get started. Then you have a choice associated with a subsidiary. You can either join the 33. They pay a little more. You follow with the 33 recurring commissions that you can get paid month after month. I just want a lump sum in front and I’m happy with that, and the fixed amount is very good. It is one hundred dollars.

This is something that people really really need. I will give you three companies that you can go with. The best thing is not just to promote all three of them choose, which one you reason best with you have done, your own research. You know a company that you really like you have used one of them. Just promote one of these three now I will tell you the differences between these two as associated.

Now my second choice for landing page sales, funnels, and all-in-one software, because this is what this uh this software makes it an all-in-one. Software is Kartra.

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