What Is The Best TEFL Course Online? (2021)

In this article, I will discuss what I think the best TEFL course online is for 2021, so make sure to read my full review.

What is TEFL certification? The TEFL certification is the qualification you receive after completing a TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). 

Becoming TEFL certified is the first step to becoming an English language teacher and is often required by prospective employers.

Some other certificates include:

  • TESL stands for Teaching English as a Second Language
  • TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Teaching English abroad is an exciting opportunity for young teachers and professional speakers. It’s important to research your options before you commit since not all programs are the same. Some schools require a TEFL certificate while others use TESL or TESOL interchangeably without specifying which one they need, but it seems like most institutions offer these credentials as well so there shouldn’t be too much confusion on who requires what!

You’ll be able to use a TEFL certificate if you have an institution that lists TESOL or TESL as a prerequisite.

My #1 Recommended Online TEFL Course

My #1 Recommended Online TEFL Course is the Ninja Teacher Academy Online TEFL Course.

One of the most highly rated TEFL academies is Ninja Teacher Academy, as they offer a well-educated and video-based online English training course. TEFL standards are globally recognized and accredited, making them the first choice for many people looking to get TEFL certified. With this course, you’ll be able to start teaching English abroad or online from home in just a few short weeks!

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Who is Ninja Teacher?

Ninja Teacher is the leading TEFL education company that trains and graduates over 100 English teachers per year through their academy. Located in Vietnam, Ninja’s team of ex-pats and locals all have experience with teaching abroad while also offering a high-quality training package for those looking to teach overseas themselves. You’ll find support from everyone on staff at one of our many partner schools located throughout Asia where we offer both online or in-person courses as well!

About the TEFL Online Course

TESOL/TEFL certificates are an essential requirement for English teachers around the world. They offer a US-issued, 120 hours accredited TESOL / TEFL certification that is internationally recognized and can help you land your dream job teaching abroad!

On completion of your course, you will be issued a certificate of completion which serves as proof to employers about what qualifications they need in order to hire somebody who wants to teach English overseas.

TEFA is internationally recognized by all employers as an appropriate qualification that meets their stringent requirements. The academy offers an extensive yet affordable option that teaches you how to become an English teacher through recorded sessions with current teachers on their team

TEFL is a global trend and Ninja Teacher Academy has made it their mission to provide you with the best possible training. They offer online TEFL courses that are video-based, highly interactive, and taught by an experienced trainer who holds a Master’s in Education from Harvard University.

Fully Accredited TEFL Course – This Online TEFL Course has been accredited by ACCREDITAT, an international accreditation body. This means that the course is internationally recognized and ensures you’ll get a high-quality education!

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120 Hour Online TEFL Course

So, you what is in the course?

  1. You get 10 modules with over 10 hours of video recorded in-classroom footage.
  2. Weekly online live training sessions from our trainer with a Masters In Education from Harvard.
  3. Full personal academic support that includes detailed feedback on your lesson plans and assignments!
  4. You will even get the chance for a hard copy certificate shipped internationally when you sign up now.
  5. Plus a private Facebook group for trainers and classmates as well as career readiness module/job search resources available exclusively through this site.

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It is important to be mindful of the changing landscape in education. More and more training is now moving online, an option that might seem great on paper but may not always live up to its expectations especially when it comes to delicate subjects like teaching English as a Foreign Language, where nuance needs careful attention by experienced trainers who can deliver feedback based their years of experience with such sensitive topics for which practical learner’s skills need practice before they take them into real-world settings.

This multimedia course will teach you the most important, actionable skills you need to be a great English teacher. Their modern online learning system contains supplementary material, quizzes, and resources to make this course the best possible experience for an aspiring educator from anywhere on Earth.

Now you can be a teacher without ever leaving the comfort of your home. If delivering training and knowledge through an online platform sounds like something that would interest you, then take advantage of this offer today! With their modern online learning system containing supplementary material, quizzes, and resources to make this course the best possible experience for all learners in mind, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing English Teachers Online as their go-to resource when pursuing teaching careers around the world.

With effective delivery mechanisms such as video recorded training, live video call sessions, and lesson plan submissions through our online platform, it’s possible to deliver much of the knowledge required to be a good teacher. This multimedia course will teach you the most important, actionable skills you need to learn English teaching successfully with their modern online learning system containing supplementary material for an excellent experience in English education right from your own home!

Weekly Live Training Calls

With the help of live Q&A sessions, practical activities, and assignment support, you can get direct responses from your trainers as well as a chance to practice teaching with other learners.

Join your instructors and classmates on our weekly calls to get direct responses from trainers as you work through the training at a pace that is right for you while getting questions answered, practicing teaching skills with other students in class during the session time, or just catching up later on what’s happened since last week!

The Course Trainer

claire website photo2Claire Lee, MA Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education

Claire is a well-versed and experienced English teacher who has been professionally licensed in the United States. She holds an MEd from Harvard University, has completed many professional development courses for teachers and traveled to teach students across the world.

What Is Included In The Course

  • Be a certified international teacher with this online course!
  • You can complete it from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere with an internet connection.
  • The self-paced modules allow for interactive learning and feedback from experienced instructors every week in live Zoom sessions where you’re free to interact with other students and ask any questions that come up as you go through each lesson plan module one by one.
  • Instructors will provide personal support throughout the process; so if there’s something specific on teaching English abroad that needs addressing, they’ll be able to help out right away during weekly check-ins via Skype video calls between instructor/student pairs (or individual).
  • Job search resources and tips for how to obtain employment abroad.
  • Lifetime access, a course platform with any new content added at no additional cost after enrolling, teaching English in Vietnam, or teach online from anywhere!
  • Certificates are issued internationally recognized TESOL / TEFL certificates upon successful completion of 4 weeks

Bonus Available (limited time)

When you join this TEFL course, you get the Teach English Online course (normally $27)!

  1. Info on how to start teaching English online
  2. Translating TEFL classroom skills to online teaching
  3. Database of online companies to apply for and secure a job with

Why Teach English?

Teaching English as a foreign language is an exciting career. It gives you the opportunity to travel, work abroad and meet new people. You might be wondering: “Which TEFL course should I take?” There are many different courses out there, so it can be hard to know which one will give you the skills you need to succeed. Luckily for you, we have done all the research and compiled this list of our five favorite online TEFL courses!

Which Course is Best for You?

Certain factors will come into play when choosing a course for TEFL certification. The total number of hours varies, and it is printed on the certificate you earn from completing that particular program. If your goal is to simply refresh or learn more about TEFL but not pursue teaching abroad just yet, consider taking one with less than 120 hours (these courses are usually cheaper).

However, if you want to apply overseas in hopes of standing out among other applicants who may have many years of experience over you, then go ahead and take an intensive 200-hour course which can be costly depending on what type of institution offers.

Online courses are one-way learning because there is typically no interaction with teachers or peers. These courses range from 20 to 100 hours and you complete material at your own pace, which reinforces the information online quizzes provide. CIEE’s 60-hour TEFL Certificate Course is an automated course that includes personalized feedback from a professional tutor who has experience teaching English abroad.

What is TEFL and why should I care about it

Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or TEFL for short is the act of teaching people who are not native speakers how to speak and understand spoken English. This can be in person through one-on-one lessons with students or remotely over Skype via video chat sessions while using shared documents on Google Docs.

In today’s globalized world, the demand for English speakers is at an all-time high. There are more than a billion people in the world today who speak some sort of English as their second language and this number continues to grow every year.

Since TEFL jobs can be found nearly anywhere in the world, they offer a great way to travel while making money! You could take your skills with you and teach English along on your trips abroad or work remotely from wherever it is that you call home these days (although there may be restrictions on visas depending on where you live).

The best online teaching course will depend largely on what type of program that individual would like to enroll in. It’s important to research programs and schools before committing so make sure to read the course description carefully.

Why do people use online courses for teaching English abroad?

Education requirements for teaching English abroad vary by country, but the most common requirement is a bachelor’s degree in any subject. You can fulfill this requirement with an online TEFL course that meets your educational needs and career goals.

One of the many benefits to taking an online teacher training program instead of attending one on campus is the convenience; you have access to materials whenever you want as long as internet connection availability allows it. With today’s technology, there are plenty of opportunities available for people who live outside their home countries — such as teachers from around Europe or Asia looking for work in South America or Australia.

Online courses offer flexibility — they allow students living at home to study while working full-time jobs without having to worry about commuting or paying tuition.

What are the benefits of online TEFL courses?

  1. More affordable – Online course prices can vary, but they often cost less than on-campus programs and some schools may even offer discounts for those who qualify based on age or military affiliation.
  2. More convenient – Many of the best online TEFL courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can log in from anywhere and you don’t have to worry about missing any lectures or deadlines because of your location.
  3. Less challenging – An international student who struggles with English as their first language may find it easier to succeed academically on an online course than those enrolled in traditional brick-and-mortar programs that require them to speak at length without the support of writing assignments or group work. This is particularly true for students who also must balance schoolwork and family obligations alongside academic pursuits. Traditional schools often struggle with accommodating students’ needs outside of class time due to limited resources and insufficient staffing levels among professors themselves.
  4. The lack of direct human contact is also a significant factor for many international students. As the number of individualized courses and self-directed learning has increased over recent years, so too has the isolation that comes with being an online student. Online courses often require significantly more independent work than their traditional counterparts without any form of physical interaction between professor and student; this can be isolating for some individuals who don’t know how to manage such independence or who would prefer to talk through problems rather than working on them alone.
  5. Online courses are not necessarily less rigorous in terms of coursework requirements either; although most do provide required reading material ahead of time as well as deadlines that must be met, they may not always offer formal feedback from instructors to their students.
  6. A good TEFL course online international TEFL academy should focus mainly on the teaching aspect of English and should be tailored specifically for those who are interested in becoming an ESL teacher or international school foreign language instructor, rather than a broader education degree program. This will narrow down your options significantly; there is not much variation between schools when it comes to this specific subject matter so you can eliminate any that don’t have what you need from the start.
  7. The best online courses also offer testing opportunities that allow prospective teachers access to sample questions before taking their exams; these tests help them understand how difficult they may find the test itself without having any prior knowledge about its possible format, as well as ensuring that all potential candidates receive every opportunity to pass.
  8. The best TEFL courses online are those that offer opportunities for teaching practice, as well as a complete education program to qualify you for your chosen occupation. Online courses can be taken at any time and from anywhere in the world; they also allow students to study on their own terms without worrying about deadlines or having to be present during class hours. If you want an opportunity that will give you complete control over what happens next with regards to your future career, then this is one of the most flexible options currently available.

How to choose the best course for your needs

The best TEFL course for you will depend on your needs. If you want to teach English in China, the requirements are different than if you wanted to work at a local school. This is why we recommend that before choosing a program or provider, take some time and think about what you hope to achieve from doing this training and prepare yourself for the type of work you may end up doing.

You need to make sure that the course has a good structure and is designed for the job you want to do. This will depend on your needs and what type of work you may end up doing, so make sure it suits both.

The average TEFL course is around 45 hours, but the specific number of hours will vary depending on what you hope to achieve from doing this training. If you want to teach in China, for example, your certification may need 30 hours before it’s valid whereas if you wanted to work at a local school, we recommend that you take a 100-hour course with one of the best TEFL course online creators.

You also need to think about the type of TEFL training you want, whether it’s online or in-person and what your budget is because they are not all priced equally.

An online course is a lot cheaper than an in-person and it will allow you to do your course at your own pace. That being said, an online TEFL certification is not as valued by employers because it’s easy for anyone to complete one without really knowing what they’re doing.

Here are some of the most popular methods for finding English as a second language course online.

-Searching for a “TEFL certificate” on Google, you’ll find many options for finding these types of classes. A quick search will bring up TEFL job boards and schools such as the International TEFL Academy (ITA), which offers top-level certification programs at an affordable price with flexible schedules that allow students to complete the program part-time.

-Another common way of finding courses is by using search engines such as Indeed or typing in “TEFL” on Facebook groups and pages for ex-pats living abroad. This will bring up job boards, profiles of schools advertising online TEFL courses, and recent discussions about teaching English in different countries around the world.

-One great resource for finding courses is by checking out the course listings on Freelance English Teachers. The site offers a variety of TEFL certification programs and gives you all the information about what each one entails, including cost, length of time needed to complete it, hours per week required as well as reviews from other freelancers who have taken the course.

-The best TEFL courses are those that offer a certificate in teaching English as well as hours of support from instructors and interns who have completed their own course. The best online courses will also provide you with useful resources for finding jobs abroad, such as links to country-specific job boards or Facebook groups

The benefits of joining the best TEFL course online

Here are the benefits of doing a TEFL course:

  • Having a TEFL degree will allow you to find a job in many different countries.
  • You will be qualified to teach English abroad and get the right qualifications upfront without having to worry about studying for years afterward.
  • TEFL courses are usually relatively short, so you can complete one during your spare time and still have plenty of free weekends.
  • This is a huge benefit for anyone who wants to work abroad. As soon as you get your TEFL qualification, you can start looking for jobs in other countries without having to worry about getting qualifications that are specific to the country you want to teach English in later on.
  • Alternatively, if you do not plan on working abroad but still want to teach English, a TEFL qualification will make you more attractive to employers.
  • You can also save money by studying for your degree online. The fees are much less expensive than other degrees and sometimes even go down as the student progresses through their coursework. Plus, there is no need to worry about commuting or being in class during limited hours. You can study at your own pace and do not have to put in as many hours of work.
  • It is also a great program for people who want to start their own businesses teaching English online through webinars or other modes. With the internet, you are able to teach lessons without having someone physically present with you. It allows flexibility and mobility for people who want to travel or move around.


Teaching English either in-class or online is a fantastic career (I know, coz I did it for 5 years!). These days it starts with a TEFL degree which really is a must.

I recommend Ninja Teacher Online TEFL Course – Ninja Teacher is the leading TEFL education company that trains and graduates over 100 English teachers per year through their academy. Located in Vietnam, Ninja’s team of ex-pats and locals all have experience with teaching abroad while also offering a high-quality training package for those looking to teach overseas themselves.

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